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Thread: hibs ppv.

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    hibs ppv.

    i have tried to sign in or register for hibs ppv, with no response, any advice please.

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    @hibs.net private member Oscar T Grouch's Avatar
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    Best to use the contact link on the website. They’ll get back to you pretty quickly.

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    @hibs.net private member Viva_Palmeiras's Avatar
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    Without wanting to be a daffy - as it’s not always clear/obv there’s a different link for ppv and user id and password completely independent iirc...
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    @hibs.net private member BILLYHIBS's Avatar
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    As others have said the log in is totally different from your ST or HibsTV log in it is totally seperate

    There is a prompt asking you to register on the link if u r not already a HIBS PPV customer

    Cost £15

    Good luck
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