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Thread: Jamie Gullan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Since452 View Post
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    Gullan is a decent young player but I still maintain we need a better option from the bench if we want to be challenging Aberdeen. No way in the world he should be starting ahead of Doidge. Crazy talk.
    It is not necessarily a case of replacing Doidge. My original point was that he could have been given a start last Saturday when Doidge was out. We will never find out how good he can be if he just gets brought on with 15 minutes to go. We need to find other options to give him more game time.

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    Doidge has a decent bit of credit in the bank from last season but he hasnít started this season much better than he started last season.

    I wouldnít be playing Gullan ahead of him just yet, but if his form doesnít improve soon then itís only reasonable that we start looking at other squad members to see if they might do better. Gullan showed what he might be capable of during his appearance the other day - something weíve been needing our squad players to do, even if it only serves to give Doidge a bit of a kick up the backside.

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    If we get crosses into the box, Doidge is a better option. If we go 3 up front, Nisbet's link up play is better, and Gullan, Boyle, Murphy and Wright play thier best on left and right of that 3.

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    Doidge brings more than goals though, he does the other stuff. As long as one striker is scoring the goals most games and the other chips in with 10-12 a season. Itís a good mix. Gullan probably should have started last week but we bought/brought drey to the team so he needs a run also, albeit he was a passenger in the last game.

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    I think Gullan deserves more chances, but my first impressions so far is that he isn't ready for the Premiership battle. He's done well so far in our Betfred cup games which is no surprise because I think the lad is probably operating on a Championship level at best so far.

    A loan in January I think would be a fantastic option for him to go spend 6 months playing for someone like an Alloa or even go to Raith again. The problem we have is we have zero depth so would need to go sign someone. But at the moment I don't think he's getting the game time he needs to develop into a Premiership striker and I'd rather we had some journeyman or loanee on our bench while Gullan played 90 minutes every week for half a season.


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