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Thread: Ray Clemence

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scouse Hibee View Post
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    Pretty easy to work that out 😉
    I brought it up due to the banter I used to have with an old workmate (a guy from Bristol who was a Rovers supporter and had Liverpool as his second team). We would often argue about which goalie was the better and (without any bias for his team) I always thought Shilton was the better of those two exceptional keepers. I also thought that Seaman and those two were the best I have seen in goals for England.

    Shilton held the record for the number of caps for a long long time and if either he or Clements had been chosen consistently one of them would still have that record.

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    England were certainly blessed with keepers you could call world class at that time and as someone else mentioned Joe Corrigan was no mug either. Best England keeper I ever saw was slightly before then though, had to be Gordon Banks.

    Rest in Peace Ray and thanks for the memories


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