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Thread: Si Ferry

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    Slaney is like one of the tracksuit and baseball hat cats from Craig Lang

    Kyle is as dull as dishwater

    As others have said cannae be arsed wi weegie patter

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    The latest one above is brilliant with Halliday and Ferry having differing opinions which gets quite heated. I really like Halliday and was getting frustrated like he was as Ferry tried to change the argument/put words in his mouth.

    Ferry does speak a lot of sense though as does Halliday and itís great getting their insight into the game and hearing their stories, Slaney for me is just hilarious.

    Sometimes the jokes can be a bit repetitive though - Jim Jeffries, Gary Holt etc.

    Kev Kyle does my head in. He tries to come across smart and fails miserably, he also seems to change his opinion based on who he is speaking to and what they think. Donít get me wrong he says the odd thing, mainly about strikers or defenders which makes sense and I agree with but half the time Iím scratching my head wondering if Iím listening to a striker that played in the prem or one that stopped playing when he was 16 and spends every weekend in the pub pretending they played at a good level

    All in all a brilliant podcast and something I look forward to every week.


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