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    Quote Originally Posted by scoopyboy View Post
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    What if all your if not answers to your own questions turn out to be yes as opposed to if not though?

    So in short can you see why people would get worked up?
    Not really to be honest as I think it unlike, in fact highly unlikely, that the answers will be yes. Maybe I just don't want to get worked up/annoyed/outraged (delete as appropriate) about everything

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy74 View Post
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    They are a smallish team but in a huge market and one where sport is part of their way of living.

    Even High School sport there has a lot of interest and a link to community and local business. If we can get any insight and resource to help us to learn from that then that is one benefit.

    The other benefit is that they are a smaller team but in that big market. The likelihood of them ever being able to both identity and keep a big talent is limited. If they can help identity players in the US then the link with us gives us the opportunity to give that talent a pathway into higher level football.

    A link with someone like Atlanta I'm sure sounds great instead but what would we really get or learn from? They play in a huge state of the art stadium. They have a TV deal with Fox and they are operating in a commercial space that we just aren't. If they identify good players they will want them to end up with them. Perhaps the only real difference would be getting players on loan from them at a higher level - but then again we can get players on loan from anywhere we like just now.
    Stop talking sense!


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