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Thread: Killie

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    I've just registered and purchased the game so it is open now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1van Sprou7e View Post
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    This game currently not being listed on bet365, any idea why?? Not heard about either team having any covid issues
    Went to bet on it but not their ?

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    A massive game for us after what I still think was an extremely frustrating display in Dingwall.

    Lose and Killie will only be 4 points behind us with a game in hand.

    I think we have enough about us to beat them but it won't be easy.

    Some tough choices for Jack Ross. If he is fit, I would like to see Murphy in the team and, preferably, more central because I think he is more influential there than playing wide.

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    Win and we’ll be 10 points ahead of Killie and well clear in a European place. Big game.
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