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    Fitness Fans In Training 2020

    Just signed up for this. I need to change my attitude to eating/exercise, lose weight and generally feel better.

    Anyone been through the program or signed up for this year?

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    I did the last one.

    It was brilliant, I really got a lot out of it.

    The last one was sidetracked by coronavirus, and tbh that punctured my health and fitness progress a bit too, but I'm a stone lighter than I was at the start of the year and I know what I need to do if I'm to lose more.

    Back in early lockdown I was walking to and from work - 5-6 miles a day, which was making a huge difference. Work has just been a nightmare since we opened up post-lockdown so that just drains every last drop of energy and enthusiasm out of me.

    I replaced "full fat" coke with Coke Zero at the start of the year and what a difference that made. Until I did the diet diary I had no idea how much of it I was guzzling. Some cracking tips on "portion control" as well.

    My job is very sedentary, stressful and difficult so I know I just need to get more active again. I got the runaround from some younger lads playing 7's tonight and whilst at 42 I realise I'm quite a good bit past my best I'd still like to be in better shape for that. First proper exercise since I thought I was going to have a heart attack at my first game back a week ago though.

    FFIT is really good though - and I'd recommend it to anyone. It makes a quite phenomenal difference to some folk. Life changing, quite possibly life saving differences.


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