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    Do any of these owners make any money from owning a football club?

    Buying an EPL team always seems like a needlessly expensive route to success. You are talking hundreds of millions to break into that elite group that qualifies for the Champions League regularly. If it's just a bit of vanity and 'look how great I am' then a Scottish club would seem a far less expensive way to get into the same competition. 30-40M all in over a couple of years would probably be enough to give Celtic a run for the money.

    I suppose Scotland isn't glamorous enough for sportswashing purposes though. That's reserved for the likes of F1, horse racing, the EPL and now the Saudis have got in on the act hosting boxing and the Dakar Rally in recent years.
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    Do any of these owners make any money from owning a football club?.
    Mike Ashley does.
    But you know it ain't all about wealth,
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