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    Always in Our Shadow

    Remember that? 😂😂😂😂

    It's a shame they couldn't have held the meeting tomorrow since it would mark 8 years to the day they 'ended us as a club.'


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    Remember the “not in my lifetime” thing about the Scottish Cup too lol

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    Between a rock & a hard place
    So we've now finished above them in the league for the third season in a row, and next season will be the fourth.

    We've also had higher average attendances in each of the last two seasons...

    ...or three seasons if you deduct the skewed figures for 2017-18 (massive Rangers and Aberdeen supports at Murrayfield -- 8k and 15k).

    Who's the Wee Team now!!!!

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    As I’ve said many times before on this the only way we the supporters can help keep them in our shadow is to purchase season tickets and to bolster our average home attendance for those who can’t afford this try to go to as many games as a walk up hope fully the players will do there bit in the coming years I like many hibbys have had to endure in the past snide remarks just about everywhere I went from them about our club they are the wee team/club now and have been for the last three years as I point out to everyone of them now “The City is Ours” fellow hibbys please do what you can to maintain this Ggtth

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    Two relegations in six years, wee stadium, bitter fans angry at the world, second tier football.

    That phrase aged well


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