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Thread: New away kit

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    Quote Originally Posted by 04Sauzee View Post
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    Its definitely not identical, just had a look on the Dundee site there are a number of distinguishable differences colours aside
    Dundee are advertising our kits? Talk about rubbing it on on the jambos! :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheat Hound View Post
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    Anyone know if you can use a Hibs shop gift card online to buy a strip?
    Great question. One I asked today (Parents got me a voucher for my Christmas - creative thinking from them there).

    Get in touch with [email protected] to confirm youíre voucher code on the gift card, confirming youíre placing an order with it. They will refund the amount you have from your order. Response/reason below -

    Response - ď Unfortunately, the gift cards canít currently be used online.

    We had people working on this to make it an option, but with whatís happened, this has been delayed at the moment.

    I do have a work around thoughÖ

    If you purchase the items you want online, using your normal debit/credit card, I can then refund you the amount that is on your gift card (while also removing the balance of the card).

    This is the only solution I can offer at the moment Iím afraid.

    If you want to go ahead with this, please just place the order as normal, but also note the gift card number (10000...=........) In the comments box when ordering, so it will flag up to usĒ

    Iíve placed my order today and the hardworking staff have received my email and comments box on the order and processed the refund of the gift amount immediately.

    Hopefully helpful WH.

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    Thanks very much for that KP, very good of you. Emailed the info address yesterday and just waiting on a response.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaMotta View Post
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    Not bad - like the charcoal. Change the purple to green, and the v neck to round neck and it would be even better
    Iím with you. Either green trim instead of the purple, or go purple with the badge for something a wee bit different. Having both the green and purple just doesnít look quite right. I do like the charcoal though

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    Iím more than happy when we experiment with the away shirt

    Worst case scenario, in a years time we get a new one

    All my clothes, apart from Hibs home tops, are black and grey - gothy Emo kid that never grew up

    Iím delighted with the shirt and ordered it

    But weíre all entitled to our opinions

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    Going by the responses here it's either glorious or bogging.

    Should we nickname it The Marmite Strip?


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