After the business I run has been mothballed for a while I decided to use my logistics experience to distribute food with a large supermarket
They are doing a fantastic job under extreme pressure on a daily basis. Myself and a number of friends decided to help plug a few gaps that exist within this home delivery system

If their order is picked at the supermarket and a basic food item is not in stock it means they dont get it and have no
means of getting said item
We delivered bacon to a pensioner couple but the eggs were missing. I bought and delivered the eggs myself and the cost was less than £3
The man got his bacon and
eggs and his wife can bake

If any ex pats have family up here we can help with delivering basic foods such as
Potatoes Eggs Bread Vegetables
If you know of a needy neighbour who would benefit from a few items to be delivered please PM me
We are not trying to replace the supermarket system just supplement it with a few basics
A bag of tatties can be a weighty thing for a pensioner to get home
As mentioned Basics only
Hopefully we can help some fellow Hibbies along the way but itís open to all
As mentioned by admin could you give this a sticky