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    Question: Old car tyres

    When I've been driving around the local back roads there seems to be a lot more tyres being dumped than ever before.

    Question for the builders on here is is there a reason that the construction industry as whole don't/can't use them for building houses?

    Genuinely interested as I know that they use them in some third world countries for building houses.

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    Coaching Staff Future17's Avatar
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    I'd imagine the fumes would be toxic in a fire, so likely to be prevented by building regulations.

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    Coaching Staff Smartie's Avatar
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    It's chopped up old tyres that they use for the pellets on astroturf pitches is it not?

    I think the UK standard ones don't have as much nasty stuff in them as exists elsewhere (the US for example) although that's them being chopped up and not burnt. I don't think I'd want to be anywhere in the vicinity if they were being burnt.

    It would be surprising if the motor industry didn't have a protocol in place for the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of the millions of used tyres we inevitably get through every year.

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    All garages have to pay for the removal of old tyres and it's not cheap. My old boss looked into a tyre shredding machine as a possible earner but the cheapest machine came in at about a quarter of a million so he's still thinking about it.


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