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Thread: Sweatcoin App

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    Sweatcoin App

    Anyone know how this actually works? Do u get money for steps that u walk?

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    It's not very good, you have an earning limit of 5 SC per day, which I usually manage without trying, all the big prizes are 15,000 SC + (20,000 for the $1000 cash or Widescreen TV) even with reaching 5SC per day along with watching the limit of 1 ad per day it would take around 10 years to get to the point where you can have any of the good stuff, the lesser stuff that appears like protein shake mixture and free trials are rubbish, the middle ground stuff that very rarely appears cost around 2000-4000 SC and they usually sell out within minutes, the best thing I've seen in almost 1 year of doing it was a bicycle light that was apparently worth 125, it was worth 80 elsewhere, I didn't have (and still don't have) the 3000 SC that were required for it, it's a great idea but the rewards aren't very good at all.


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