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    Corey Feldman, Truth Doc

    Not seen this mentioned, and even more so, not seen anything on the news.
    If your not aware he has done a documentary where he apparently is naming the person(s) who raped him and Corey Haim. Supposedly some very powerful people involved.
    So powerful it appears no TV channel (including Netflix and other online sources) have picked it up. I imagine the legal fall out and potential slander being one of the main reasons. For this reason he is showing it on a one time only basis on a website you have to pay for.
    Just wondering what are people's thoughts on this? Have to say some of my earliest favourite movies feature him (Goonies, stand by me, the lost boys) and I think it's clear some seriously horrible **** has happened to him. If it manages to expose a deep rooted ring involving powerful people then great, I just hope he makes it out the other end in one piece. The truth must always come out in the end! Claims to have hired 24 hour security on the lead up as he is in fear of his safety.

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    Any links to anything remotely connected to this story?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HUTCHYHIBBY View Post
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    Any links to anything remotely connected to this story?

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