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    Helpful(?!) statistics


    Not sure that I get the usefulness of these stats.

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    I'm surprised we are as high as that, normally at games it can feel like teams consistently have one chance and score against us.

    Maybe that's bias coming into it as a fan. Or maybe its more that they tend to score with their first shot rather than highest % of shots faced.

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    I think they are quite useful in reinforcing the following:

    They tell us that Forster is the best shot stopper in the league and that the Hearts goalie is the worst.

    They also tell us Rocky is a very good shot stopper and Maxwell much less so.

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    There are more helpful stats available separately that are more in line with “expected saves” and saves above average.

    But these ones do present similar results - Maxwell and Pereira were the 2 least effective keepers in the first half of the season. Thankfully we acted on our problem, whilst Hearts stumble on with their joker.

    The more in depth stats seem to suggest Hladky at St Mirren has been the most effective goalie this year, he’ll likely get a good move in the summer.

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    Must be pretty accurate.Maxwell hardly ever seemed to make a save.


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