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    Neil Peart. Rush

    Another great rocker passed away. Neil Peart, drummer with Rush has died. Makes me feel really old the number of musicians from my favourite bands are dying. RIP

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    Very sad. A true legend rock drummer. Another victim of cancer.

    One of my great “4 Ps” of rock drummers (Peart, Paice, Powell & Palmer). 50% of them now no longer with us. A sobering thought.

    Will admit to having only seen him live once, back in the late 70s at Glasgow Apollo but nevertheless always admired him for the percussion genius he undoubtedly was.

    RIP Neil.

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    Wasn’t a Rush fun myself but I spent a good few years around the turn of the century working with a very decent Jambo who was a bit older, had grown up in Canada and worshipped Rush.

    I have lost touch with him but know he will be sad at Neil Peart’s demise.
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