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Thread: Haggling

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    Anyone else haggle ?

    Just bought a semi expensive necklace for the wife's Christmas and haggled over tbe price and got 150 off the ticket price.
    This was in a shopping centre in a well known jewellery shop.

    One thing that i could not fathom was that one shop confirmed that they would give me a discount but would not tell me how much until I had confirmed that I was buying it. WTF? The discount would determine if I could afford it or not.

    Anyone else got any good haggling tips or tales?

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    The jewellery shops are always worth trying I got 20% off a Tag watch for my wife from Laings in town.

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    Always worth it to haggle.

    We bought my wife a replacement engagement ring at Ernest Jones in the Gyle around 6 months ago and got more knocked off the ticket price than we had originally bargained for. Result!

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    Just haggled over a new kitchen me and the Frau wanted as a Christmas present to ourselves. Got 4500 knocked off the asking price. Makes you wonder what kind of profit margin they make on these things.


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