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    Quote Originally Posted by Pretty Boy View Post
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    Is there an age at which drinking in the house suddenly becomes appealing?

    It's never really done it for me but I always thought when I had a bairn and couldn't just go to the pub whenever I fancied it might become a more attractive option. However I just don't find it enjoyable, as I said above a couple of decent whiskies is about all I'll drink at home and even then it's once in a blue moon. I'd rather sit with a decent cup of coffee and a good packet of biscuits. The idea of sitting half pished in the house just doesn't do it for me.

    I think part of it is because I love a good pub. It might be more expensive but I'd rather enjoy a few pints in a pub than sit at home necking however many bottles or cans even if it is a fraction of the price. A couple of pints alone in a pub just watching the world go by is a great way to spend some time imo.
    I never used to drink in the house, but don't go to pubs as much these days, so a bevy at home has substituted for it largely. Like you say, the vast price differential has an effect; it's unsurprising so many pubs are closing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cataplana View Post
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    On average 3 pints a week. Big drop from 15 years ago when it would be around 40.

    Body can't take it anymore, and I prefer to enjoy beer for the flavour now, rather than the effect.

    Does leave me a bit bored on holiday, which is the only time I really wish I could hit the pub at opening time and drink till they closed.
    Maybe you should go on different holidays?


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