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    Resisting whiteness

    Was just minding my own business tonight when I came across #resistingwhiteness2019 then https://www.scotsman.com/education/university-of-edinburgh-criticised-for-hosting-blatantly-racist-event-1-5013282 (apologies for the lack of hyperlink)

    Now, regardless of your ethnic background, this can't be right?
    I know and understand about "white privilege" but to have an open Q&A where whites are banned from asking questions and "safe" area only open to non-whites,,,, that can't be right, not legal?
    Even following the responses to the Twitter updates to the hashtag, I worry tribal racism isn't leaving us any time soon!
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    I have to laugh that their website's tagline is "Resisting Whiteness - Anti Racist action in the UK".

    Reading their site about assuming genders, avoiding eye contact, safe spaces and sensory overload reminded me of the below video I saw, they replaced clapping with jazz hands


    I do wonder how they believe they are fighting racism by being racists themselves.
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    It seems that racism is the best way to cut out racism.

    Apart from that, this thing about safe spaces and avoiding eye contact and overstimulation is all part of a race to the bottom.

    Edit: having given this a lot of thought, I wonder if the reason white people can't speak from the floor is due to white racists hijacking these events; this could also explain the need for a non white breakout area.

    As for measures to avoid overstimulation, etc, what's wrong with giving them a go? If the conference functions well, then it was worth the try, if it doesn't , lessons can be learned.

    This is a student event, and I suppose students should be testing things out and pushing boundaries.
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    Can't remember the bloggers name but they claimed that Edinburgh, as a whole, was too white. I found this pretty bizarre as I think that if I went to Lagos or Luanda I'd pretty much expect to be in a very small minority

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    If someone can't handle some clapping they shouldn't be leaving the house.

    I'm all for inclusion but FFS, the moment I have to give it some jazz hands because someone can't handle applause is the moment I buy a premium "PC gone mad" membership.


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