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    Recycling / selling old phones

    I have some old iPhones / iPods / iPads.

    Pretty much all have smashed screens etc but presumably still have a value for either recycling parts or for reconditioning.

    What is the best way of getting these either recycled or getting a value back for them?

    Also most of them are dead as in no battery life. How do i ensure the data or photos etc which are on them will not be nicked or used?

    Any advice appreciated.
    "We've also been unsure about what has happened to the receipts of the players who have been sold."
    George Foulkes BBC website 20/3/08

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    You can sell on eBay as spares/repair.

    You would need to get them charged to have any chance of getting your info off. Apple store might help but will charge

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    I'd be (semi) interested in buying them...simply as spares as I have a buyer.

    They are not worth a lot of money but drop me a PM if you have a price in mind.


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