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    Hopefully this is just Ďone of those daysí and will be the result that provides the wake up call the new players need.
    The thing that worries me, and it obviously remains to be seen, is that I donít think it was just one of those days. I just think we look like a poor side.

    From the very first game in pre season there has been issues. There hasnít been any obvious style of play developing. Remember when Mowbray came in, or Stubbs although he had a massive rebuild on his hands, you could clearly see what they were trying to do with the team quite quickly.

    The pedestrian pace of the league cup games concerned me. You canít just flick a switch when the league starts. The way Rangers ran over us on Sunday canít have been a massive surprise to anybody who has been watching us.

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    8 minutes and 34 seconds virtually non stop Rangers attacks, shots at goal, wonders saves from Rocky, horrific defending and us giving the ball away bar our one goal and a corner in the second half. Absolutely horrendous to watch.

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