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    Quote Originally Posted by ancient hibee View Post
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    Whats happened to Hanlon is that he no longer has McGinn playing in front of him harassing opposing players.Anyone can see that we are wide open through central midfield and more teams are going to take advantage unless the gap is filled.
    Exactly. It was the Alamo for our defenders yesterday, as no-one in midfield was willing or able to stop the Huns charging through. I thought maybe Vela had been brought in as someone with defensive qualities, but none were on show yesterday.

    Too easy to blame Hanlon & McGregor just because they've been around for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diclonius View Post
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    Porteous is our best defender and should be an automatic first pick.

    Don't know what's happened to Hanlon but he's lost it in the last year.
    Im worried about putting too much pressure on Porto

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    It was our 2nd string defence yesterday, fully expect the back 4 to be James, Porto, Jackson and Lewy once everyone is fit. Perhaps Gray instead of James if he can show form.


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