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Thread: Fitness

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    How much fitter did rangers look than us today? Hecky said he was ping to get the players to new levels of fitness they’v never seen before but wer still waiting to see it!!

    Say all you want about budgets but that does not affect how fit players should be our whole team blowing out their arse today

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    Our fitness was fine. We were just *****.
    Lien Nonnel

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    I agree, I thought we looked very unfit. This is a Rangers side who've played six competitive games already this season, and they looked like they could've played for another 90 minutes easily. We were blowing out of our *****. Why?

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    We have no pace at the back.. not much fitness levels can do about that.

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    We’ve not looked sharp since the first ore season game.

    Rangers running all over us shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody that has been watching.

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    Thought fitness was fine. 2-1 we were looking decent. Unfortunately the young lads rush of blood to the head made a hard task against superior players impossible

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    Hecky opens his mouth and spits out the b licence code book.

    Terrible manager


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