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Formula 1 has always had untalented pay drivers, in fact it allowed many teams like Minardi, Arrows, Footwork, Forti, Pacific and the like to operate. In fact, I miss teams like that because on the once in four season occasion that a team like Minardi won a world championship point it felt like they'd won the title.

It's just now that the grid is smaller and that there are a lot less privateer teams that it's more noticeable IMO.
I know what youre saying, but at that time you had charismatic privateers and playboy drivers. The pay drivers now are driving for established teams and offer nothing. The guys you talk about brought entertainment to the sport, guys like Mazepin are just getting in the way and denying a drive to a more talented drivers. F1 has changed so much in the past 20 years and not always for the better, guys like Hamilton are unbelievably talented, but have zero personality.