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Thread: Driving Ibiza

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    Driving Ibiza

    Heading to Ibiza shortly and was wondering if anyone had driven there before?

    I've never driven abroad before so was wondering what the roads/drivers are like? Also, are the rental companies ok or pretty shady (depending on who you use).


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    Done it a few times Ibiza and Mallorca.

    No issues we’ve used cheap local and the big rental companies with no issues actually find the cheap ones better as the car is covered in dents so you don’t have to worry about it!

    The road are fine and quiet out of the main areas getting out of the airport area is always a bit hairy until you get used to driving on the other side of the road, other than roundabouts it comes natural pretty quickly.

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    Also check how the fuel works some companies charge for a full tank that you will never use all of it on an island.

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    Cheers. Appreciate it

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    Just in general when hiring a car here or abroad, have a good look round it take time and check it over, has it got a spare tyre and a jack or one of those useless gel puncture sealing kits. Does everything work on it lights etc. As said there may be dents scrapes and bashes already so make sure they are recorded or take a photo on your phone when you first collect the car so there is no ambiguity as to who caused them. wouldn't be the first time I've got a car driven it out the depot and done a 360 at the first roundabout and taken it back and asked for a different car. Didn't have a good experience with Holiday Autos in Malaga car supplied looked nice and clean but mechanically it was a wreck. Probably wouldn't need Sat Nav in Ibiza but things like that can be an expensive extra if you haven't already pre booked it same for kids seats.


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