The National Trust properties have (partially) re-opened and I went to Greenbank Garden the other day with my wife It doesn't sound much but I haven't been well recently and it was nice to get out.

The place was quite full of families with pre-school age kids and it was a real laugh watching them all running round the rotating garden hose.

There was one, about 18 months old, that kept running away from the water toward where we were sitting, saw my wife and immediately ran back in the direction of the hose. Presumably he decided the water was the least terrifying option

Then there was a wee girl (about the same age) walking past with her big brother who saw my wife eating an ice-cream and just froze on the spot, staring. No matter what we or her parents said, she just stood staring enviously at the ice-cream.

As I said, it doesn't sound a particularly eventful day but it really cheered us up.