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    Quote Originally Posted by donno View Post
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    If we had been in the same state as hearts, and she had come in and done for us what she has done for them, then the sun would shine out of her ass! Both LD and AB are football supporters. RP had never been in a football ground before TF brought him in! Good financial administrator, yes. Football person, no!!

    Scotland will never qualify for another major international tournament with a good balance sheet. FFS, Celtic and New Rangers have a bigger turnover than the SFA, and the current incumbents in the SFA don't care.

    Add in buying Hampden, with no plan of what to do with it, then the lunatics have really taken over the asylum!

    Rant over!

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    Again, apart from getting them promoted and overspending on a stand she leant their support money for what has she achieved? Take away the stand they had a complete free slate debt free when she arrived and has achieved on the pitch less than us, a club in absolute free fall at the same time LD took over.

    Budge isn’t a football person either, she leaves potter to ***** away loads every season on duds leading to them finishing 6th twice and 5th over the past 4 years with no trophies either to show for it.

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    Not everyone is happy about the appointment

    Gazborangers‏ @gazborangers

    Well worth two minutes of your time to sign this petition calling for the removal of Rod Petrie as president of the SFA. In 2016 when Rangers players were assaulted on the pitch by Hibs supporters he described this as exuberance. #RangersFC #Rangers


    Scotland can be a beacon, within these islands and beyond, for a socially just and sustainable society. Whilst there are many priorities which will require independence, there is also much that can and must be done now by the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moulin Yarns View Post
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    Not everyone is happy about the appointment

    Rod has to be the right appointment if it is upsetting ****ers like gazbo. Good on you Rod, let's hope that during your tenure you manage to upset them even more

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    All those handshakes were worth it, eh Rod?

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    If it upsets Hearts and Rangers fans fantastic, I'm all for it. Rod Petrie at the helm won't make one iota of difference. We're ***** anyway. We might be a more financially prudent ***** under him if nothing else. Might help buy a new burger kiosk at Hampden.


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