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    "Scotland's missing pieces"

    Decent players?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMurdoch View Post
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    They also need to play in Turkey & Albania and against France at home. I confidently predict they will lose to both Turkey and France with a close tough match in Albania.
    IMO they will finish 3rd in their group and we will finish 3rd in ours.
    If they beat Albania they could be on 21 points which could well be enough for 2nd. Scotland will struggle for 15 points

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    that team had 7 goals for Scotland in it last night. we never look like scoring goals - even if games we should be winning.

    we can't keep the ball.

    we punt it forward under pressure and it comes right back because we can't hold it up.

    we can't defend.

    our football intelligence is non existent. see goal 1 where they all just stopped.

    the standard of football is dire.

    in short - we have a few decent players and one very good player
    but it's miles from being serviceable. changing the manager won't help. strachan had the dressing room but was chased out in belief we should be getting more from what we have which is flawed. were just not good enough.

    the issue as is well versed here and with the average fan, is that the game here is broken and will take generations to fix properly. even if we started now and we haven't really started. we just pay lip service with crap plans and tin pot marketing campaigns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMurdoch View Post
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    Before the match Turkey were ranked 39 in the FIFA rankings just ahead of Iceland in 40th (Scotland 44th)
    Their win tonight is still a great result and gives them a small chance of 2nd place in their group but i expect they will finish 3rd.
    They will also lose their golden generation and will then slide back down the rankings.
    Tonight's starting players for Iceland were aged 36, 35, 34, 32x2, 31, 30, 29, 28, 27 & 24.
    They as home team had as much possession of the ball as Scotland had in their match tonight and their centre half scored both goals.
    Suggests they are well organised to soak up the pressure and look to hit the opposition on the break or at set pieces.
    Nothing wrong with that, it's what Scotland tried to do tonight and failed at but i still think that father time is about to call time on their recent run of success.
    I wish we had a recent run of success that father time was about to call time on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heisenberg View Post
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    Fraser and Forrest out wide makes a difference. Robertson and hopefully Fredericks at West Ham (if he finds that heís got Scottish grandparents) come in at full back.

    The centre of our defence is weak and we donít have any really stand out options for those positions.

    I think our central midfield is also quite decent, we just need the right balance and Iím sure Clarke will find it. McGinn, McTominay, McLean, McGregor, Christie and Armstrong are all good players.

    Up front we are also lacking a bit when Griffiths isnít available. Burke is brilliant for running in behind but has no end product. Fletcher can still do a job but heís getting on a bit.
    I think the lack of two good centre backs is a huge problem for us, we don't have that foundation to build on. Right back also a problem, does Patterson drop back into that role?

    The central midfield has good options and we looked good down the left flank with Robertson and Fraser linking up well.

    Up front we need Griffith's back and Fletch can lead a line still, Burke hasn't grown into the player his potential has suggested, maybe some bad move choices for him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DetroitHibs View Post
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    Unless Steven Fletcher has retired, heíd be in my starting 11 right now.
    Fletch doesnít want picked. This is the second time he has done this. So, ****** him. Good player, but you cannae pick and chose when you play.

    Clarke is only 2 mins in the door. He picked a similar squad to McLeish to assess them all. Iím sure weíll see some dropped and some new faces in Septemberís squad.

    Centre back positions is something we need to look at. Mckenna is useless. He picked Mulgrew for his experience, which is fair enough. Liam Lindsay has potential, so we should be looking at him.

    The 2 matches we just played, we expected 3 points and got them. Cyprus are tougher than folk think. Itís not easy to break teams down, especially with a 4th/5th choice striker making their debut. Cypriot teams do well in the Europa league, so they are no mugs. Russia only beat them 1-0. Belgium totally domainted us and thatís why they are number 1 in the world! We switched off for a second and they punished us. KDB was offside for their second.

    We looked far more organised than we had under McLeish. People forget we are in the play offs. If we need that route then thatís fine. Clarke has 9 months to prepare for it.

    More positives than negatives.

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    I don't know why Liam Cooper of Leeds United has not been given a chance.
    He has had a good season and made the PFA Championship Team of the Season.
    He has been capped at under 19 level.


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