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    Quote Originally Posted by Antifa Hibs View Post
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    Other than Shrewsbury when was the last time we had a visit down south (excluding Berwick Rangers)? Blackpool or Bolton about 10 year ago probably?

    Days of pre-season tours and trips away are gone unfortunately. If we're in the europa the early rounds of that take care of pre-season, if we are not then the group stage of the league cup takes care of it. Shame as trips to Germany, Ireland, France, Belgium etc have been superb in the past.
    This, although IIRC we had Europa Action the season after we won the Cup but entered a round after this seasons Europa Cup so there was a slot for Srewsbury.

    That wont happen unless we go on the Mother of all runs. Otherwise its League Cup duties.

    Which is a shame.

    For me Id like one of Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Bath City, Swindon Town or Forest Green Rovers.

    At a push Reading, Cardiff, Southampton, Portsmouth or Bournemouth.


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    Would like a team down in Yorkshire. Or even better for me, an away game against Newcastle.


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