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    Edinburgh Adler - Time For Heroes Eintracht Frankfurt Style

    This is an invitation to forum members from a small group among us who regularly go over to watch Eintracht Frankfurt games.

    The connection started in 2007 through one member working in Frankfurt and following Eintracht home and away during his five year stay which continues to this day. Other posters on here have been going regularly over the years with numbers gradually increasing over the years as have the friendships between Hibs fans and various Eintracht fan groups.

    There have also been countless visits of Frankfurt fans to watch Hibs both home and away.

    After Eintracht won the German cup last year following 30 trophyless years, the club collaborated with Warner Brothers to produce a film with behind the scenes coverage from the days before the final up to the celebrations following the win. The film has earned rave reviews throughout Germany from fans of all clubs. If you thought the Hibs cup win in 2016 was dramatic then this game has the same and more with nailbiting VAR decisions determining the outcome twice late on,

    We've managed to persuade Eintracht to provide the newly available english version in cinema format and have secured a screen at the Cameo cinema in Tollcross between 11:00 and 13:00 on Saturday 25 May. The film is 90 minutes long. Thereafter the Bierhoose in Leith Walk has reserved space for turbocharged cup final celebrants to then watch the Scottish version that same afternoon (ICT scarves at the ready).

    Eintracht have been very keen on this event going ahead and will be sending representatives over to attend with a promise to make it an "extraordinary cinema event" so we all look forward to learning what they have in mind!!

    The costs are to be split equally, £10 per ticket with all children aged 16 and under able to attend for free. As its strictly non profit making and any surplus will go to an agreed charity or similar worthwhile cause.

    Edinburgh Adler has a facebook page with an invitation for the event.

    We don't envisage there being any issues with a lack of space so pass the invitation onto anyone you believe may be interested and the more the merrier.

    If interested and wish to secure a seat, please send the relevant proceeds through PayPal to hibstifo1875@gmail.com - please ensure you select friends and family payment or the payment will be returned. Please include the full name(s) of who the seats are for.
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    As mentioned above, the Facebook links to both the Edinburgh Adler page and the Event page can be found here:



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    Sounds good.

    There was a small group of German Fans in the South Stand at a recent home game. Don't know if they were Eagles though.

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    There’s normally folk over from Frankfurt 5 or 6 times a season but I have heard of a lot of sightings of other Germans at our games. Maybe the city and Sunshine on Leith videos help.

    If anyone needs an alternative payment method to PayPal then something can be arranged to assist. PM Ross.

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    Over 45 now confirmed for this 👍🏻


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