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    Quote Originally Posted by JeMeSouviens View Post
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    The questions where words rhyme or not are weird. Who rhymes "door" and "poor"? How can "fool" and "full" sound different?
    When my daughters were in primary school and doing homonyms homework, they were often left struggling for an answer - as were we - until it registered that you had to say the word as if you were Joanna Lumley. It's the same with pronunciation guides in bilingual dictionaries. Some of the phonetics for English words look mad, until you try it as if you're from the Home Counties.

    So put on a tiara, imagine you're the Queen, and say 'poor' and 'last' and 'hat'....

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    Got me correctly in Luton

    Also Fool takes just a bit longer to say than Full. Almost like there's a an extra couple of 'O's


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