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My Grandparents had a colour TV and as a 10 year old i took a solo 90 minutes bus journey to their house to watch the opening game of the 1970 World Cup with my Grampa, in colour!!!

England, as the holders were playing Romania with a 1.00am kick off and a 3am finish. As a 10 year old this was uncharted territory. As far as i can remember the game was uneventful, other than a Geoff Hurst goal, but i was hooked and was allowed to stay for a week. I watched every game including the Brazil game containing that iconic Banks save. It all felt magical.

An unstoppable addiction had begun which became entrenched in me the following season when my grandfather took me to Easter Road .......................and Tynecastle.
I loved it and I loved being with him. A lovely generous man who i miss to this day.

Our family black & white TV remained in place until 4 years later when my dad broke under prolonged pressure and rented a colour TV for a 1974 World Cup containing Scotland. That tournament the dye of heroic failure set on the unbeaten Scotland team and was repeated every 4 years thereafter. A similar dye set on Hibs until 2016 when it all changed on that mad day in May.

My long and winding story from 1970 has reached a point marked Heckenbottom
Who could have predicted that .
We were the first in our street to get a colour telly and we also got it just in time for the 1974 World Cup. My recollection is that I spent the first couple of games (don't remember who was playing) holding a bloody knitting needle in the air acting as an ariel until my dad got it fixed. It was the first time I'd seen every man in our street in our house at the same time drinking and swearing like troopers too lol.....