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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrekko View Post
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    Probably ... but itís unbelievably sad that thereís this acceptance that fans will desert in droves because of the last few months.

    Even sadder that a sizeable amount of people who have purchased season tickets have already thrown the towel in and canít be bothered attending.

    Everyone has the choice but we sometimes like to kid ourselves on about what a great support we are ... weíre as fickle as you can possible be. Weíve gone from a hardcore 8000 to getting about 16000... and folk are already predicting it going back to 8000. So thatís crowds doubling then halving all in the space of a few years?? Mental if that happens.
    There's a cumulative effect there as well. In previous seasons I've been a walk up but bought a season ticket this year to ensure a decent seat despite knowing that I'll probably miss half the games. I'm sure plenty others made a similar decision.

    The reverse can happen next year as even a slow start to sales could mean that people decide there's no need to renew, which will further slow sales and mean that more will hesitate about renewing. I'll still get my ticket to avoid the hassle, but there are plenty who can't really afford to do that.
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    Astute summary of the game.


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