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Thread: Bobby Robson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mibbes Aye View Post
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    There was a ridiculous amount of talent in 78 and 82. It felt like every top English club had a bunch of Scots. The amount of medals either of those two squads had must have been massive and certainly miles greater than the current squad.

    The whittling down for 78 was harsh for some and it is incredible to think that someone like Souness was left out for the first two games but at the time it probably seemed like a fair call.

    As for Talbot, I donít think he played CH, he was an attacking midfielder IIRC.
    Definitely a midfielder bit of a workhorse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimBHibees View Post
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    Definitely a midfielder bit of a workhorse.

    My mistake, age I suppose. Do remember watching this goal though in the SF.

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    I don't think there's any doubt Bobby Robson is one of the all time great managers. Having watched the program he was also a true gent. Staggering what he did with Ipswich in particular.

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    Robson was so good as a manager that even his translator got the odd job as a head coach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pretty Boy View Post
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    There was little to no calls from the fans for Robson to go. There was a bit discontent as the season started with no wins in 4 but the reaction when he was sacked was an angry one. I was at the home game immediately after it was done and the atmosphere was poisonous, Freddy Shepeherd is on record as saying he was subjected to real vitriolic abuse.

    A big part of the issue was there was a rotten core in the dressing room and there was a suggestion some players had downed tools. I suppose he has to take a bit responsibility for that as it was very much his team and it was a driving factor in bringing Souness in to 'sort them out'. That went well.

    Sacking Robson played a part in Newcastles decline but he wasn't going to be around much longer anyway given his age. That's not an endorsement of the decision btw. The lack of ability to compete financially with the clubs they had challenged throughout the 90s and early to mid 00s was arguably a bigger reason.

    Sir Bobby is a legend in Newcastle and you'll be hard pushed to find a Newcastle fan with a bad word to say about him.
    A more accurate summary and good post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenNWhiteArmy View Post
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    Documentary available on Netflix. Fantastic watch. Seems like one of the games greatest guys.

    Slaughtered before Italia 90, incredible how the press turned on him.

    Britain has produced some incredible giants of world football, for those old enough where does he rank?
    Watched this yesterday - it was very moving and thought provoking, he really seems to have been a genuinely decent guy and a great ambassador for the sport of football - interesting to hear him praised so highly by people such as Ferguson, Mourinho, Guardiola, Ronaldo, Linneker and "Gazza" - definitely one of the game's greats!
    .... Die spinnen, die Briten ....


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