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    A new slant on the SJM song

    I went to the Airdrie match yesterday with my brother and pal. Josh Campbell played very well in the Airdrie midfield although I have to say the general standard of play was not great.

    How fans of other clubs behave is often interesting and it was no surprise that both sets of fans roundly booed the ref at the end of the game. The guy made Clancy look competent 😂

    Highlight of the day was a song about the sartorialy elegant Raith manager ......

    Weve got McGlynn, super John McGlynn
    I just dont think you understand
    He is a Rovers man, hes balder than Zidane
    Weve got Super John McGlynn

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    We went to Forfar v Stranraer. Jamie Hamill was the Stranraer captain and got it tight from beginning to end from the Forfar fans. Most enjoyable. The referee at this game wasnt the most popular guy in the ground either after a couple of howlers ruined what had been a decent game for him. It was an entertaining game of football though, the standard was pretty good.
    After he signed for us in the 2015/16 season it was also good to finally see Adam Eckersley make a debut appearance. For Forfar.
    Every gimmick hungry yob,
    Digging gold from rock and roll
    Grabs the mic to tell us,
    He'll die before he's sold.


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