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    Best/Worst Transfer Markets

    Was just thinking about where the best and worst places Hibs and the rest of Scottish Football have shopped in recent times.

    Obviously we’ve not done too badly at all with loans and ex players from Celtic. With the likes of Ambrose, McGeouch, Commons, Henderson, as well as Allan and Stokes, although the latter two being picked up by us originally from Premier League teams in WBA and Sunderland (Allan via a few Championship loan deals). All of them big successes, in fact I can’t remember the last dud we got from Celtic to be honest.

    Our most stand out player in recent years came from St Mirren (SJM) and closely followed by Leigh Griffiths, whom we got from Wolves via Livingston and Dundee. Goes to show there’s value to be had within Scotland, and why I think Shankland could be an incredible signing.

    The above also tells us we’ve done alright with middle of the road PL/Championship yo-yo teams, but I can’t help but think we’ve had some stinkers from the likes of Newcastle and Sunderland in the past. Alan O’Brien, Phil Airey, suppose Emerson Hyndman fits here too, none of which be considered as a success. Rangers getting 5 duds from Newcastle as well has shown it to be a bit of a sketchy market for SPL clubs.

    Loan deals from giant Premier League sides have been relatively hit or miss. Bogdan from Liverpool has been good. Barker and Agyepong from Man City have been good when actually fit (very rarely), Ranger’s Ryan Kent from Liverpool and Celtic’s Patrick Roberts from Man City both look/looked good, Heart’s Demitri Mitchell seems to have been inconsistent from Man United.

    Any other patterns good or bad? Should we broaden our horizon, or just stick with Celtic loans?
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    I can think of a few players taken on from St Johnstone and other ‘smaller’ spl rivals who have flopped/failed to live up to expectations: Swanson, Craig, Vine, Tudor Jones, Clancy. All who came to us on the back of decent seasons with previous clubs. Conversely Wotherspoon was on the whole poor for us but has been solid for St Johnstone since signing.

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