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Thread: Midfield Woes

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    Midfield Woes

    A very interesting stat on the BBC Scotland sports page reference Scott Allan.

    It looked at his creative contribution over last season taking into account his first half with Dundee, he was the third in the list of players that had played most through balls of the season, what was more remarkable was that McGinn was 1st and McGeoch 4th, when you see a stat like that there is no wonder the goals have dried up for Kamberi and Co this season; losing three dynamic midfielders of that pedigree in one go demonstrates how nigh impossible it would be to adequately replace them over a summer and winter transfer window.


    NB - anyone having problems with this site, seems like it has a bug when typing...

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    Allan would certainly fill that creative gap we're missing at the moment, and I have no doubt that once he got up to speed, the likes of Kamberi, Maclaren and Shaw would be having plenty of quality chances to score.
    I suppose the difference this year is thag Allan hasn't been playing, so would be lacking match fitness for sure. But he's always seemed to be naturally fit, so I'm sure wouldn't be too much of an issue.
    The signing of Gauld will also add some creative flair, and a bit of a different player to Allan Imo.
    Fingers crossed we can get both of them.


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