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    Quote Originally Posted by Smartie View Post
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    We got a decent amount of cash for McLaren going to the World Cup.

    Maybe Hibs get something for these players appearing at this tournament?

    International football will add to a player's value so if Boyle has been "found out" a bit and we're looking to move him on anyway, maybe it's not all bad?

    I agree that on the face of it it has done little for us in terms of football in the pitch.
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    A lot of English teams have the same problems with African players when they go away to the African Nations, way of world football nowadays.

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    I notice on Boyle's instagram feed is a picture of him going under some sort of knee surgery/procedure..

    There's always a worry with knee injuries that players lose a little bit of their dynamic speed...Hope it is not too bad an injury and that he makes a full recovery.


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