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Thread: Christmas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hibernia&Alba View Post
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    Trying to get Argos same day delivery sorted. Last throw of the dice
    Finished 😁😁
    That was also with an unexpected grocery list from the wife.

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    Our oven broke yesterday, can you believe it. Fridge full of food and my wife crawling up the wall.

    Currys etc have mini ovens to collect on Boxing Day. Rising panic but hey presto John Lewis, plenty in stock collect from them or any Waitrose.

    I did this today, all sorted. Sometimes it all comes together...

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    Had the “oven calamity” a couple of years ago too. Amazing how neighbours chipped in with offers to help.

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    The nieces and nephews were sorted, which is the most important thing; also the Mrs is covered, which is essential in keeping a roof over my head.

    Nae cards this year, but nobody cares about those anyway. The adults in the family are getting hee-haw too, unless I get them a bottle of something when the off-licence opens.

    Merry Christmas all

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    Was out for dinner on the 24th at the Longiddry Inn with the Mrs and her extended family, first time in there and it was a nice meal to be fair.

    My sons first Xmas but he's nearly 10 months old so he doesn't know much about it. We didn't go mental with gifts either, nothing too expensive, our folks got us loads of toys of the educational kind for him and a ball pit as well, keep finding the balls all over the place! My living room floor looks like Toy R Us. Went to my parents for dinner and got a decent fee. A Sirloin joint as well as a Gammon joint and token Turkey crown.

    Boxing day I was at Ibrox and then home after the match with a pizza from the BBQ chippy in Corstorphine.

    I'm Now sitting watching Indiana Jones and the Temple on Doom (heavily edited ) on the tele while the Mrs is away out with the wee man meeting her pals for coffee.

    I've also not had a single drop of drink over the festive period.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete View Post
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    The older you get, the more Christmas becomes a double-edged sword.

    The happiness you get from from the kids being happy versus the sadness/anger when you think about the people you have lost who aren't there to share the experiences.

    Either way it brings people together and I ****ing love it.
    That's very true, when u get older the mind drifts back to Christmas past. Its all part of the Christmas experience as you get older.


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