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    Asteras v Hibernian Memorabilai

    I posted this on the main board but no harm posting it in the Collectors Corner section either!

    I collect Hibs memorabilia, programmes, tickets etc but am not going to the match in Greece. If anyone who is going could keep me their ticket stub or pick up a copy of any programme produced it would be greatly appreciated. Happy to reimburse any costs, p&p etc. and would also make a wee contribution to HSL or Dnipro Kids on your behalf.

    Similarly if anyone who went to the Runavik match in the Faroes and has a ticket from that match that they don't want I would be very grateful.

    Drop me a pm if you can help and thanks in advance for any help.


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    See Capital kings is selling an Asteras programme on eBay is this kosher ?starts at £34.99 !

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    Yes this was free at the match but only at the home end I gather. However his price is too high. Recently one sold for around £22 inc team sheet and a couple of others around £20-£25. I notice you can make him an offer so maybe give that a try. He can only say no !!!

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    I paid £15 & £6 postage on eBay for an Asteras away programme. I see thereís a couple for sale still.
    Arrived today (from Greece).
    Itís a mini newspaper/magazine format, slightly bigger than A4 size. Looks to be dated 2/8/18 the day of the game. Team line ups inside & report from 2st leg. Obviously in Greek so cant understand a word of it.
    Iím pretty sure itís the official programme (as the seller advertises) unlike the 2/3 coming from Ukraine, Belarus etc.
    The seller also included a couple of Asteras programs from a few seasons back which are in a more traditional programme format.
    "We've also been unsure about what has happened to the receipts of the players who have been sold."
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