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    Steve Earl Programmes - a name known to you in the world of collectors?

    Interesting article/video on BBC website today for all you programme collectors out there.
    Doesn’t say but wonder how much the business is worth?


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    Thanks for sharing.
    I recall the name yes.
    Difficult to tell how much business is worth of course. I’d guess a very high percentage of value will be in a very small number of issues and that a very high percentage of programmes are worth very little.
    Guess he’s selling off valuable items one by one & rest may go to remaining dealers at minimal price.
    "We've also been unsure about what has happened to the receipts of the players who have been sold."
    George Foulkes BBC website 20/3/08

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    Steve Earl, Bungay, Suffolk is something hat has stuck with me since I was a nipper.
    He used to send you a catalogue of things to drool over in exchange for an SAE.

    End of an era but if he's not well, I hope he makes a lot of money to retire with.

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    Yes I remember Steve Earl programmes well, as he advertised every week in Shoot and/or Match.

    i think you got a bundle of programmes free first time which was great to a young collector and I used to buy (or get my Dad to) British teams in Europe ties from him as I collected these at the time. Think he was more at the volume end of the market rather than much rare stuff, but good memories, I might even have an old catalogue of his somewhere.

    It's nice to see that he seems to have made a living from it for a long time.


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