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    Josh Taylor / Super 6

    Josh Taylor confirmed for next year's Super 6. Am I the only one who thinks this is a big mistake? So far, the other names are not exactly spine tingling, but that is far from my biggest concern - the Super 6 peaks this year with the 2 weight categories they are running - they have lucked out big time with the quality on show. Next year looks distinctly like an assortment of also rans, and Josh shouldn't be in their company. By the time the tourney starts he could already hold a belt, and he may be the only champion in his category - he has too much to lose and not much to gain - this is a mistake!!

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    There will be two, possibly three other belts available in the WBSS. Itís a great opportunity for Josh to stamp his authority on the division IMO.

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    The prize money in the series is massive and more than Josh will make outside a PPV fight which is not on the horizon.

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    I think it might be the wrong choice for JT given how hard a schedule it is but without doubt itís a great chance for him to pick up a couple of titles. Iíd disagree with the OP about the quality of fighter in the tournament, there will be a belt holder and a couple of undefeated fighters who are also mandatory challengers. Given Mikey Garciaís natural weight is a division down (albeit he holds a title in this division) then the super series has some of the best fighters in the division.
    If Taylor can come through this and walk away with the Ali trophy (and the WBA belt obvs) he will be in a much better position to dominate the super Lightweight division for a good few years. There will be some great fights at 10st over the next 5 years and we should all enjoy them and revel in the fact a Scotsman will be in the mix.


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