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    Quote Originally Posted by Jones28 View Post
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    Itís a nightmare, but it depends on what you want to get out of it? Stronger means a whole different range of things and could range from lean and highly toned or going for size.

    I alternate my weeks, have a week of strength which means using weights at the higher end of my one rep maximum (the most you can lift as a one off), going for lower repetitions and higher weight.

    The following week do lower weights with higher reps.

    Iíd recommend you go to a trainer and get yourself a training programme. Itís important that youíre getting things like form and appropriate exercises for what you want.

    Goal setting is a good starting point.

    Gym hero pro is a good app for you to have a look at.
    Cheers! itís Lean Iíd prefer to be honest, I used to run a lot mostly half marathons and 1 full, I would like to get back into it so anything too big would hamper that, my issue right now is Iím starting right from 0 again and just cardio is boring the life out me, my gym at the moment is busy classes are full because Iím their at opening thereís not much choice anyway so for 3 months Iíve just been trying to get my 5k times down and cycling throwing in some rowing the occasional swim, Iím needing more to keep me occupied, il make an app with a trainer tomorrow see what they offer

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedy_gonzales View Post
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    Re gym:
    If the gym has classes, then activities similar to body-pump are good for general cardio and strength training. I'm fairly poor at going to the gym and sometimes quit exercises when I'm not entirely engaged, however, I've never yet walked out of a class. One you start, there's something about the collective that drags you over the line.
    If no classes are available, then you need a gym buddy, preferably someone with similar outcome expectations. Training partners are good to encourage you to squeeze out that next rep, and you do likewise for them.
    If you can't find a partner, then you need a program. An absolute minimum of 3 days a week, breaking it up to arms/shoulders, back, legs.
    For each visit, at least 5 exercises working on just one of those muscle groups with 3/4 sets, 8-12 reps. Cardio to warm up/down and on 2 other days of the week an intensive cardio sesh on a treadmill/bike/elliptical trainer.
    There are plenty apps out there with free training programs and clear concise guides on how to carry out the basic exercises be it free-weights or cable/resistance machines.

    All that being said, I quit the gym a few months back as is done it for a couple of years straight with satisfactory returns initially but I settled in to a routine that wasn't giving me any gains. Last summer I started to get back in to running (after 30 years) and got in to doing 5 mile runs a few nights a week. I actually prefer a low carb diet and a few runs compared to working hard at the gym and "feeding" my body.
    Yeah I get what your saying, 5/6 years ago I was big into cardio, running spin class etc didnít even bother looking at the weights area to be honest I think my attitudes changed now Iíve not really got the time to be running to get to where I was so Iím looking at other ways


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