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    Iíve started doing fast 5-10k runs near enough every day. Got 5k down to about 18 mins and 10k down to just below 40. Do something in that area near enough every day and basically stopped eating the same quantities I used to. On a bad day I could have a bacon roll for breakfast, a Subway/Greggs etc for lunch with a can of juice, Chuck a pizza in the oven for tea, go to the shops, smash through a whole bag of giant buttons or bitsa wispa etc and probably tan another couple of cans of juice. If I was passing a McDonaldís I could even happily stop off and get a double cheeseburger aswell.

    Iíve started having toast for breakfast, soup for lunch and whatever I want for tea but basically controlling the portions. Tried to remove fizzy juice as much as I can but if I do have it I have the 0 calories sort of stuff and I stopped buying the big bags of sweets and allow myself one sweet a night at most. I was never fat but Iím 5ft9 and had got up to 83kg. After 6 weeks of running and basically just reigning in what I was eating Iím down to 74kg and about 14% body fat and its still dropping off pretty easy. I reckon that my natural weight will probably be somewhere around mid to high 60s.

    Iím lucky in that Iím naturally slim and I had probably about maxed out where I could have got to with the weight I put on balanced with the fact I still play football etc but how fast it has came off has made me realise how much food I was eating unnecessarily. I was probably demolishing about 3000+ calories a day where as Iím now down to about 1500 and never feel particularly hungry.

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    2 stone lost since the first week of January - 15 stone 5 lbs to 13 stone 5 lbs. I lost the first stone in less than a month. Itís taken me from the end of January until today to lose the second stone despite dieting and exercising harder than that first month.

    Iím just under 5ft 9 and in my mid-30s for the record.

    You can tell the difference between my head and rib cage. My belly actually looks bigger than what it was.

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    Spinning a Yarn
    A bout of flu knocked 4lbs off last week, I wouldn't recommend it
    Scotland can be a beacon, within these islands and beyond, for a socially just and sustainable society. Whilst there are many priorities which will require independence, there is also much that can and must be done now by the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Government.

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    Went out running this morning after reading this thread. I'm 50, 6', and 16st 6lbs. I have been using my knackered ankles, knees and hips as an excuse but as I had sat on my arse all day yesterday and had a pizza watching the cup final I thought I'd better get my finger out. I have stayed about this weight most of my adult life but it was not too bad as I played rugby and was training most days as well. Now that I only very occasionally play and have stopped training I am turning into a right fat *******. Thanks for the inspiration guys, I'll keep you posted on how it goes
    Going on the piss after the game today probably won't help my new found fitness regime though!

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    Starting again this week from 14 stone 2. Want to get back down to around 12 7.

    First run in 7 months done, but the legs were knackered for two days after - I only ran 4k!

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    If anyone would be interested I recently completed a short Jog Scotland course on coaching the couch to 5K programme and would be happy to lead a weekly session for anyone interested on here. It's a 3 or 4 run a week programme, the 1st run of the week is led and then repeated individually 2 or 3 times more before the same pattern the following week and so on.

    I started running using the couch to 5K programme on the NHS website just over 2 years ago. Since then I've ran countless 5Ks, 5 10Ks, 2 half marathons, completed my 1st marathon last month and have signed up for an ultra in July. It really is a brilliant foundation for building a solid platform of fitness.


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