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    Quote Originally Posted by McD View Post
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    The folk who only indicate after beginning to turn the wheel and change direction - itís pointless now, I can see your car changing direction already, the indicator is to let people know what youíre going to do, not what youíre already doing! I can see the car changing direction, what would have been helpful is an indication of what you planned to do before you actually did it
    Oh thatís so annoying. Brake lights first leaving everyone guessing than the indicators come on.

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    People who signal left at Sth Charlotte St to go right and then signal left at Lothian Rd from Princes St, these are basically one way streets and you don't need to indicate, also people who cannot stay in their bloody lane when going from Sth Charlotte St to Lothian road, number of times I've nearly had my nose clipped because some drivers cannot stay in their lanes.

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    Drove behind a Ford Focus ST tonight from Jocks Lodge to Morrison street where I lost him at the lights. Throughout the entire journey he drove like a ****** imbecile, using bus lane to undetrtake, overtaking when there really wasnít a need or barely space, taking a right hand lane only to beat a queue then forcing his way back in causing others to brake and yet at Morrison street he was still only three cars ahead of me, nice car driven by a total ****er.


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