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    Copenhagen (or Iceland)

    Flights from London are plentiful. There could be a decent number of us going and I'm looking at booking a block of tickets.

    If anyone isn't on the London Hibs email list, can you please PM me with your contact details so I can keep you in the loop if you want to be part of our travel plans.

    Emails out will be sent on Friday after the 1st leg of the prelim tie so we have a better understanding as to where we're going. Denmark looks odds-on....

    ....but it's no shoo-in.

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    Dangerously (or stupidly), I've already booked Copenhagen. I got it at very cheap so imo, it was a risk worth taking. However, if Rekyjavik win, I'll have to look at some way of getting from Copenhagen to Rekyjavik.

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