"Profile of a Southern Hibby"


 Gavin Watson


Name Gavin Watson
Birthplace/Date Simpson Memorial Hospital, Edinburgh, 1961
Primary School James Gillespies Boys School, Edinburgh
Secondary School Firrhill High School, Edinburgh,  (Full of Jambos)
First Hibs match Cannot remember but it was in the 1960's when I must have been 4 or 5 years old.  A match against Cowdenbeath rings a distant bell
How long a member of London Hibs A founding member.  Attended the first meeting in 1990.
How did you find out about London Hibs Was given a flyer by Kevin Robertson in a pub in Watford before a pre-season friendly, which stated he was trying to establish a London Hibs supporters club.
Favourite all time Hibs Player Pat Stanton.  You always felt confident something good was going to happen as he brought the ball out of defence.
Most memorable Game Will never forget the League Cup final in 1972.
How often do you get to games 2 or 3 times a year.
When did you leave Scotland? (If applicable) 1985 for a one year position in London with the Royal Bank of Scotland.  Never made it back.
Why do you live in the South? Work, family, there is a summer.
Favourite English team Charlton Athletic.  Go to as many games as I can in a season.  Confident they will stay in the Premiership this time.
Lowest moment following Hibs? 7-0 defeat by Rangers at Ibrox on a freezing cold day in December 95 or 96. Not pleasant sitting there 7-0 down with over 40,000 Huns singing the sash.  There was a perverse pleasure however of knowing you were still supporting your team and you would rather be losing 7-0 than be a bigotted Hun.  Also being telephoned at a hotel, while on a business trip, to be told Wallace Mercer had made a takeover bid for Hibs.  I couldnít sleep that night.
Best Hibs goal? So many to pick one.  However, I have vivid memory of Joe Harper hitting a 25 yard shot down the slope at Easter Road in the 1970ís to beat Hearts 1-0.
What is the best thing about being a Hibby? The feeling of belonging to a great club.
Proudest moment following Hibs? Am I allowed three. Going back to school after the Christmas holidays in 1973 aged 11 and giving the Jambos stick about their 7-0 gubbing.  Watching the hundreds of Hibs buses bouncing along Princess Street after the Skol Cup win in 1991.  Edinburgh belonged to Hibees that night.  Also taking my 5 year old son to his first Hibs match in 1999 and we beat Dundee 5-2.
How did you become a Hibby? Father and two older brothers were Hibees (although mother claims to support Hearts).  My brothers used to compete over who would take me to Easter Road in the 1960ís.  Father came to Edinburgh from Inverness after the war.  He used to go to Tynecastle one week and Easter Road the next, but he soon realised which was the better club.      


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