"Profile of a Southern Hibby"


 Colin Ross


Name Colin Ross
Birthplace/Date Richmond, North Yorkshire, 1967
Primary School Curriehill Primary School et al
Secondary School Currie High School
First Hibs match Some friendly against a Dutch team in 1972 or 73 - I think - I was too young to understand what was going on. Later I was taken to East of Scotland Shield Games against Meadowbank and Berwick which the Tornadoes always won by a mile - I was hooked
How long a member of London Hibs 1 month.
How did you find out about London Hibs Internet - hibs.net
Favourite all time Hibs Player Arthur Duncan was a childhood hero. Other favouriteshave nee Ally McLoad (not the Scotland manager), Mickey Weir and Russell Latapy.
Most memorable Game 1991 League Cup Final - I'd stopped going to matches about 1982/3 because of the trouble at the games. I was in Glasgow that weekend and decided to pop along.
How often do you get to games Not often now.
When did you leave Scotland? (If applicable) June 2001.
Why do you live in the South? Better work - love the city.
Favourite English team Used to follow Spurs as a kid. I've also got a bit of a soft spot for Fulham
Lowest moment following Hibs? Any Jambos goal.
Best Hibs goal? All of them.
What is the best thing about being a Hibby? Just being a Hibby is enough
Proudest moment following Hibs? League Cup Final 1991
How did you become a Hibby? Just lucky, I guess