"Profile of a Southern Hibby"

Andrew Murray

Name Andrew Murray
Birthplace/ Date Motherwell, 1953
Primary School Daniel Stewarts College
Secondary School Daniel Stewarts College
First Hibs match Real Madrid October 1964
How long a member of London Hibs 10 Years
How did you find out about London Hibs Fanzine
Favourite all time Hibs Player Jimmy O'Rourke
Most memorable Game 7-0, / Drybourough Cup Final 1972 / Also buying a Kilmarnock scarf and seeing the jambos get beat in 1965 on the last day of the season.
How often do you get to games Not enough. 5/6 times per season
When did you leave Scotland? (If applicable) August 1972
Why do you live in the South? Got a job down here and just stayed.
Favourite English team Watford, or my local who ever they are. e.g. Arsenal then Watford then Luton then Barnet then Watford again.
Lowest moment following Hibs? Wallace Mercer takeover era.
All Alex Miller years and some Bertie Auld years
Best Hibs goal? Latapy v Hearts last year. Or Gordon Hunter's v the jambos to end the hoodoo.
What is the best thing about being a Hibby? The rewards are few and far between but what a great bunch of supporters to celebrate with.
Proudest moment following Hibs? The match v Napoli. Just think we put five past Italy's best goalie. I do not think Dino Zoff has ever had five put past him in any competition ever.
How did you become a Hibby? My Dad took me to see Hibs against Real Madrid and if we can beat the best in the world then they are good enough for me and I've stuck with them through thick and thin ever since.