"Profile of a Southern Hibby"

Patrick McKinney

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Name Patrick McKinney
Birthplace/Date Edinburgh, 1948
Primary School St Cuthberts, St Davids (Edin)
Secondary School St Anthony's (Edin) St Georges (Lon)
First Hibs match Too young to remember
How long a member of London Hibs Since it started
How did you find out about London Hibs Millwall v Hibs and from Jim Lugden
Favourite all time Hibs Player I hope Joe Baker never sees this but it has to be Pat Stanton
Most memorable Game Hibs v Barcelona 3-2
How often do you get to games I have a season ticket - most home games
When did you leave Scotland? (If applicable) I left Scotland in 1961 (screaming and shouting)
Why do you live in the South? Good question - I ask myself that every Saturday morning
Favourite English team There is only one team for me
Lowest moment following Hibs? Being relegated
Best Hibs goal? There have been many that it is difficult to pick out one
What is the best thing about being a Hibby? ditto above
Proudest moment following Hibs? Winning the League Cup in 72 and 91
How did you become a Hibby? I've always been a Hibs supporter (once a Hibby always a Hibby)


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